The Modular Guitar

Makers: Q.V. Huynh, Mathew Gery
Mentors: Hannah, Lora A. Gery

What's the next revolutionary design of the electric guitar? I think I got it! The world of Electric Guitars as we know it today, has not changed for decades. Guitars in stores today sell overpriced guitars that look nearly identical to the next! I set out to change that by introducing a customizable electric guitar that can easily be switched around to create new tones and looks rivaling that of a more expensve guitar. Imagine being able to switch out for new pickups(microphones) to alter the sound just by snapping in a module in under a minute! Even better yet, imagine being able to carry around five different guitar tones in just one backpack. Or bring five different guitar body styles in a small suitcase. The Modular Guitar design allows you to litterally snap together your dream guitar in minutes. You will have the ability to upgrade your guitar over time, ultimately saving you a lot of money. Need a double neck guitar? Check.