EL Furioso Electrico

Makers: Junior Soto, Kevin Barrios
Mentors: K.O
Website: http://lighthousecharter.org/

. The idea of making an electric Go Kart goes back to when Kevin and I went to Boomers in eighth grade and we rode the Go Karts in the amusement park. We said that one day we were going to build a working Go Kart out of scratch and this year we were given the opportunity to create a running Go Kart. For a few weeks, we researched various possible shapes and forms the Go Kart could have looked like. We discussed making it a four wheeler, other times making it have three wheels etc. With the help of our mentor, who helped us facilitate the project with wheelchair motors, we were able to see how fast we wanted the Go Kart to travel and how heavy it would be. One Saturday, we traveled with our Robotics teacher to an electric wheel convention and the guys at the shop there gave us a free Go Kart frame that we could use. From there, our task has been to sand it down and apply a liquid that will take all of the rust away. Next, we have to weld the front part of the Go Kart, so we could flip the back wheel backwards and have the passenger driving with the front two wheels. Eventually the Go Kart will be black, have one passenger which will be the driver, and drive with two motors. In order to charge the Go Kart, there will be a solar panel station where we will take it and connect it and charge it. We calculate a top speed of 15-20 miles per hour.