Fleischer-Yamamoto Family Projects

Makers: Lena Fleischer, Toby Fleischer, Ella Rudy Fleischer
Mentors: Kurt Fleischer, Nagisa Yamamoto
Website: http://asobiclothes.com/mf2013

We'd like to have a "Maker Family" table, where we'll all show our projects (kids & grownups). Here's what we have going this year: - Lena has made her own fairy wings which (hopefully) will flap when she walks - Ella has made a pair of Japanese geta shoes (well, one is finished). And she hopes to make a rocking dolphin, like a rocking horse. We'll see. - Toby is working on a small bridge for his toy trucks. - Mama made a hat and jacket decorated with LED and EL wire. - Papa is working on a custom alarm clock for his nearly-teenage daughter, featuring an LED strip and a picture of hedgehog. It’s Arduino-based.